30+ Years of Business Knowledge and Experience
for Only $33 a Year?
Dear Small Business Owner,
Hi, my name is Steve Grant, and I have been involved in businesses in various capacities, large and small, for 30 years. My current role is a Business Coach and I love what I do and helping my clients. What I have learned over many years, is that for you to be successful in business, you have to effectively manage all of the "8 Hats" of business. 
1. Strategic
2. Marketing
3. Sales
4. Service
5. Finance
6. Human Resources
7. Information Technology
8. Administration
I have developed 60+ Business Checklists based on the 8 Hats. They are designed to help YOU:
-  achieve your business dreams and goals, 
-  put the enjoyment back into the time you spend at work, 
-  reduce the stress & frustration you may be currently experiencing and 
-  make more profit with less effort.
Every day, I am working with small business owners just like you to conquer all 8 Hats. I care about their welfare and want my clients to succeed in their business. And I want to help you succeed too...

These easy-to-use Checklists will be your own personal library of "how to" guides that you can call on whenever you need - all of the 60+ Checklists cost $0.63 per week!

Master the 8 Hats in your small business with the ready-to-use 60+ Checklists:
1. Strategic Checklists
2. Marketing Checklists
3. Sales Checklists
4. Service Checklists
5. Finance Checklists
6. Human Resources Checklists
7. Information Technology Checklists; and
8. Administration Checklists
... and You Get the Complete Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists for ONLY $33 PER YEAR
Think about the value here!

For less than the cost of a printer cartridge each year, you get access to a complete business-made-simple suite of over 60 Checklists that will help you to achieve your business dreams and goals.

Why such great value?

Because I am truly committed to live out my mantra of "Helping People Succeed" and I want you to be one of those people!  I don't want you to miss out on this matchless opportunity.

You simply can't afford to miss out on this amazing value offer!
Get Your Personal Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists, and Put Them to Use, for Just $33 a Year!
Get Your Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists TODAY!
$33 per year (incl $3 GST)
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